Adam & Paula Vidilini of Kiama, have been together since they were 15 and 17 years old. They are now 21 years married, and have been blessed with a 16 year old son, Bradley, a 14 year old daughter, Jade, and a 12 year old son, Jack.
They have always homeschooled, except for 3 months in 2011 when their children attended a tiny on-site school for the children of volunteers who worked for an aid agency in Hong Kong. As first-generation Christians, they have been on a steep learning curve since their late teens, with an ever-increasing interest in the sufficiency of scripture in every realm.
Primary interests include economics, money management, and the family economy, and for Adam, politics. Learning through travel, and plenty of time away as a family, have been a consistent element of our homeschool, with an 8-month caravan trip around Australia in 2008, and a 10-month RV trip around America in 2014.