TMPC 2020 Beach Camp

Lake Tabourie Holiday Haven in March with good friend is a recipe for a great Beach Camp, and it was a great time of fellowship and fun. We had no idea our lives were about to change with COVID-19 restrictions starting the next weekend. What a blessing from the Lord to have that time together just before we went into lockdown.

TMPC 2019 Workshop

TMPC Workshop was a 2-day workshop that ran from Sunday afternoon after the conference in October 2019. It allowed extra time to dig into some practical ideas with our speaker Mike Cheney. We self-catered in the Lodge at Ridgecrest and had a great time learning and living together.

TMPC 2019

The TMPC 2019 speaker, Mike Cheney, spoke on the reasoning and mindset behind entrepreneurship and running a family business; he covered topics such as mentoring relationships, the dominion principle, and the purpose and role these principles have within the family economy.

TMPC 2019 Beach Camp

The weather was a bit cooler at Lake Tabourie in February 2019 but still great fellowship and lots of fun with Ultimate Frisbee, beach walks, Mafia, bush dancing, and soccer.

TMPC 2018

The theme for 2018 was Biblical Family Relationships

The kids loved Ron Schravemade’s puppet and we were encouraged to consider how we balance raising our families to love God and our neighbours.
Genuine heart change only comes from God’s Spirit and polishing the outside of ‘our cup’ is not the same thing.

TMPC 2018 Beach Camp

Held again at Lake Tabourie Holiday Haven, this time in March 2018, the Canberra Day weekend was very busy, but a great time was had by a total of 76 people. The Sunday morning service in the camp kitchen was a blessing and drew some interest from others staying at the park.

TMPC 2017

In 2017 we were humbled to look at Living to Love and being Anchored in Christ

We were blessed by Norm and Alma sharing their hearts with us in sharing God’s word.

Topics covered were: “The Transforming Power of Love in Home Education”, “What’s a Mum to do with Teenage Sons?”, “Anchored in Christ in the homeschool storms of life”

We worshiped together and talked and laughed and cried together

TMPC 2017 Beach Camp

TMPC 2016 and the fellowship of being together was such an encouragement that we decided to get together more often than once a year, thus TMPC Beach Camp was inaugurated. Held at the Lake Tabourie Holiday Haven in May 2017 the 2 nights was not long enough for some people. The Sunday morning service together was a great highlight.

TMPC 2016

At TMPC 2016, we were excited by the theme “Educate, Encourage, Enlighten”!

Educate: for us as parents to be further educated, so that we have the tools to best teach our own families. Educating both academically and in character is important. We want to expand the vision of what education is in light of God’s word.

Encourage: to give courage! to motivate other families! Hebrews 10:24 “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”

Enlighten: to turn on the light in a dark place. To expand our vision as to why we homeschool. 1 Chronicles 4:10 “Oh, that you would bless me and expand my territory.”

Speakers were homeschoolers attending with their families: Paul Farrelly, Daniel Campbell, Peter Kelly, Adam and Paula Vidilini, Phil McFadyen and Col Devine.

TMPC 2015

Janelle and Esther (2 homeschool Mums), who were new to TMPC in 2014 agreed to organise the conference for 2015, as they and their families were blessed by the teaching and fellowship they experienced in 2014.

The theme for TMPC 2015 held the intent for families to encourage each other in their journey.

“Building strong families is a theme that grew out of discussion that happened while we watched our husbands and children around a camp fire. Our prayer was that together, we would ‘encourage one another, and build each other up’ 1 Thessalonians 5:11.”

TMPC 2012 and 2014

Cathy Newby: The idea of the first TMPC came into being on Mother’s Day 2012, while standing at the window of the Ridgecrest’s dining room, looking out at the incredible view of Lake Burrendong. After much hard work with the help and willingness of people like Brian Ellis and Janette Casey Ingham, and a few good friends, the first TMPC was held six months later, on the weekend of 16-18th November 2012. A great many things were accomplished. By God’s grace and to His glory, TMPC was a success! So much so, that the desire for another TMPC was felt strongly among those who attended.Brian Ellis, from Character First, lead us through the importance of building good, strong character traits in our children as we seek to educate them in our homes, which gives one answer to the question we often ask ourselves; “Why are we homeschooling?”

Janette Casey Ingham shared with us, in the form of workshops, her amazing resource “Australian History in Pictures and Stories”, teaching us different ways to use it. Plus inspiring us to learn more about Australian History.

The other theme of TMPC was people’s passions. In workshops, different presenters shared about their passions which included: resources from “Excellence in Writing”, and “Teaching the Classics”; ways of “Finding Those Teachable Moments” and; what “Family Worship in the Home” could look like. Our young people were lead through the book “Do Hard Things”, inspiring them to Do Hard Things for God and not live a complacent life. And to top all of that off, we had time for a separate Mum’s and Dad’s panel where we could talk, vent, laugh, cry, and share our thoughts on homeschooling.

Ken and Cathy Newby also organised the second TMPC in 2014.