We are pleased that Mike Cheney of the AME Program (Apprenticeship, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship) is travelling from United States to teach us on the ‘Why’ of Family Economics as we seek to train and disciple our children beyond the high school years.

Mike and his wife, Roxie, have been blessed with two children, Annie and Corey, whom they home educated since birth. They are a family of entrepreneurs.

Annie teaches piano, Corey operates a video/cinematic/editing and production services company for businesses and film makers, Mike has been in the real estate business since 1975.

The family is also involved in a number of ventures together.

Mike is the director of AME (Apprenticeship, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship) where he teaches and writes about the family business as a mission and has written 2 books in the past 18 months – “One with Everything: anatomy of a hotdog stand and other great family businesses” and “Money 101: earn, give, save, spend”. “Money 101” is the 1st in a series of books called “Real, Basic, Relevant life skills for our children”. Both are available at ameprogram.com

Mike believes that acts of compassion toward other people are very much dependant upon our capacity to deploy resources (time and money) and that this is very much a part of loving our neighbor as ourselves.

For more information on AME or Mike check out their website.